With This Sabrent Rocket Q Your Bits Can Practice Physical Distancing

Source: Nikktech With This Sabrent Rocket Q Your Bits Can Practice Physical Distancing

8TB O’ QLC And PCIe 3

This Sabrent Rocket Q NVMe SSD doesn’t use the newest interface nor the fastest NAND but at 8TB you aren’t going to find a larger consumer M.2 SSD for sale.  If your primary need is vast tracks of space, with speed coming a close second then it is worth a look at this drive.   The size of the drive even helps mitigate the shorter lifespan of QLC NAND, it is rated for 1800 TBW and has a five year warranty.

Nikktech’s testing shows you don’t even sacrifice much in the way of speed, this PCIe 3.0 drive can hit 3300MB/s sequential read and 2900MB/s sequential write which puts it at the top of the pack for the older interface.  They also give a quick peek at Rocket’s Control Panel software, a handy app for any Rocket owner regardless of the generation of the drive.

The only downside is the sticker shock, 8TB drives do not come cheap so expect to spend around $1300 to pick this one up.

People looking to get their hands on the highest M.2 NVMe SSD out there should look no further than the Rocket Q 8TB model by Sabrent, it just doesn’t get any higher than this.

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  1. Dvon of Edzore

    16 cents a gig for a low-demand product ain’t too bad. It just looks bad stacked against the Samsung 8TB QVO SSD with twice the endurance for $800 retail, though there is that the slow SATA bus to deal with. Compare the Rocket Q to the Samsung 15.36TB NF1 NVMe PM983 at $5300 or so plus a box to mount it in, and you’ll think it’s practically free.

    Get one of these while waiting for RTX cards to be available, and it won’t overheat your room this summer.


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