Acer Predator Apollo RGB, DDR4-3600 At CAS 14

Source: TechPowerUp Acer Predator Apollo RGB, DDR4-3600 At CAS 14

Ignore The Name, Timing Is Everything

Acer is headed into the memory market with their Predator family of DDR4 of which a 1.45V, 3600MHz kit with timings of 14-15-15-35 is up for review at TechPowerUp.  The kits look to be designed with Ryzen in mind, with Samsung B-die ICs on a 10-layer PCB but Intel likes those dies every bit as much.  You can see the area on the heatspreader where the all important RGBs are stored in the picture above, which can be controlled by your motherboard to synchronize the light show in your case.

If you are looking to overclock then 4GHz should be easily reachable on an Intel platform, while their AMD system hit 3733 MHz while maintaining the “Fast” B-die timings preset.  You should be able to find this dual channel 16GB kit for around $250 if you are shopping for RAM at the moment.

Acer dives into the DDR4 market with the help of BIWIN Storage by introducing the Predator Apollo. Featuring a striking aesthetic and blazing-fast Samsung B-die ICs, the Apollo could be a strong first strike into a highly competitive market. Let's see if this kit is Predator or prey!

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  1. Ed

    Lets hope it doesn’t end up costing an arm or a leg.


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