Ah Biomutant; Is Your Wung Fu Strong Enough To Defeat Me?

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Ah Biomutant; Is Your Wung Fu Strong Enough To Defeat Me?

Where Are The Adolescent Abnormal Aikidōka Amphibians?

Biomutant has arrived after a long lead up and if you are still unsure as to whether you want to pick it up or not then Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN’s review may help you decide one way or another.  It takes place in yet another post-apocalyptic world, in this one mutated intelligent animals are the dominant race thanks to the power of Wung Fu and their ability to scrounge random scraps and craft them into a variety of items.

Your character’s appearance will reflect your choices of attributes, a high strength means you will have a bulky critter while high intellect gives you a swelled head.  There are also a wide variety of mutations, combat specialties and classes to chose from; not to mention a handful of different critter types to chose from.  The combat is a mix of straight hack and slash with combos, as well as ranged weapons you can swap to instantly to engage enemies at range.

You will be able to play Biomutant without a new GPU, testing with a GTX 970 proved you can expect decent performance with medium quality settings at 1080p.  If you are looking for better quality at higher resolutions you should be able to max everything out with an RTX 2070 Super or Radeon RX 5700 XT.  RPS offers insight into the various graphics settings here if you are curious.


How you get on with it is by scampering around the world, gettin' in fights. This world is very beautiful, and separated into a few different biomes: rocky bits, beachy places, swampy swamps. It's punctuated by towns built by the weird little mammals, and the wreckage of the old human world.

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  1. Allynandryanweresittinginatree

    It’s a Ubisoft formulaic open-world-rpg type game with a new skin, however, this game falls short of Ubi standards in several areas. It’s mediocre at best, and honestly it just looks boring.

    the game lacks a LOT, another half baked game that should have been delayed for a long time. Super annoying fetch quests, very shallow storyline, large yet empty world, combat that looks good but actually is not even mediocre, and the audio? the audio in the game straight up sucks balls for everything. And get this, it’s an idiotic narrator voice that translates ALL voices, meaning every charater talks in gibberish and the same narrator voices translates it, wow, talk about a low budget move.
    while it is a small dev team, this game straight up screams money grab with all the awful choices they released

    There’s a lot of reviews about the game, but one I highly recommend is by SkillUp. I think Ralph said he couldn’t get past the first 10 hours and it was like banging one’s head onto a brickwall, just how terrible the game actually is

    Once reviews started posting and I watched a few of them including the one I mentioned above, I immediately took the game off my wishlist.

  2. razor512

    The game was really good, and ran well with my GTX 970. At 1080p max settings, it remained in the 50-70FPS range most of the time.
    Sadly to get the full performance out of the GTX 970, you need a VBIOS mod to increase the power limits. Then with a slight voltage bump, you can get a decent performance bum, though at a cost of the GPU using around 230-240 watts.
    The game also consistently uses around 3GB of VRAM thus you will not encounter the GTX 970 VRAM issue.

    The game is not for everyone, It is largely focuses on story content, and discovering side quests which can reveal more lore, though the action is a bit more limited, and it does not focus heavily on action, e.g., traveling across the map will not result in tons of random enemy encounters. I like this about the game, especially when you can get rid of some monsters and restore peace to an area. This adds a sense of progress, where while you will encounter special enemies throughout the game, random trash mobs will become less common.
    While you do not have massive cities in the game, there is more to explore than many AAA open world games due to more structures to explore as compared to a massive city where virtually every building cannot be entered or explored.

    Most of the combat variety comes from the range of weapons. While you have a range of base combos, new ones are tied to different gear.


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