CHERRY Stream Desktop Review: Quiet Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Manufacturer: CHERRY CHERRY Stream Desktop Review: Quiet Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

If you’re a PC enthusiast you’re familiar with Cherry MX, the key switches found in many high-end mechanical keyboards. But what about Cherry SX? And, for that matter, Cherry branded products? Yes, this company makes its own keyboards (and mice), but they aren’t exactly what you’d expect given the gaming pedigree of their mechanical switch offerings.

What we have today is a wireless keyboard and mouse kit from Cherry, with the Stream Desktop of particular interest to those looking to quiet things down when they’re on the air. And that’s exactly why I volunteered to review this product, as the loud clicks from my mouse have been very obvious on playback when I edit our podcast each week.

This Stream Desktop isn’t flashy, with no RGB bling and conservative aesthetics akin to typical office/productivity models. The kit is available in either black (as reviewed) or white finishes, and these are your typical AA battery-powered wireless input devices that connect via a single USB dongle. The whole point here is reliable, quiet operation. We’ll see how it stacks up.

Product Specifications


  • Fullsize layout with numeric padKey technology: CHERRY SX scissor mechanism
  • Service life, standard key: 20 million key operations
  • Anti-slip feet 8 pieces (18 x 4 mm)
  • Status-LED: Caps Look, scroll- and Num-key
  • Battery status (via Status LED in the scroll key)
  • Number of additional keys: 10
  • Additional keys function: Volume up, Mute, Volume down, Previous title, Next title, Play/pause, Windows Lock, Browser, E-Mail program, Calculator


  • Design: symmetrical
  • Scanning: Optical Sensor (PixArt)
  • Resolution: 1000 dpi / 1600 dpi / 2400 dpi (adjustable)
  • Number of buttons: 6
  • Model of buttons: Silent click
  • Function buttons: Right/Left-click, Scroll wheel; Browser forward; Browser back, DPI-switch
  • Mouse wheel design: Scroll wheel with key function
  • Status LED: DPI, battery status

Product Dimensions

  • Keyboard: approx. 462,2 x 162,2 x 23,1 mm / 462,2 x 165,8 x 34,1 mm (with feet up)
  • Mouse: approx. 116 x 64,7 x 37,7 mm
  • Receiver: approx. 19 x 14,5 x 6,5 mm
Manufacturer Description
“Want to play it safe? A desktop set that will last, looks great, and is a joy to use? Here it is. With the CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP you know exactly what you are going to get. It is both new and proven at the same time. After many product generations, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD has been developed to absolute perfection. And it is one of the best selling keyboards in the world. The STREAM, revised in 2019, is the best STREAM ever — and it is now also available as a wireless version with a matching partner of the same caliber: the STREAM mouse. “

The Stream Desktop Keyboard

Your eyes do not deceive you, this is a normal-looking office productivity style keyboard. It has a matte finish, which is a nice alternative to glossy plastic, and the key caps – while thin – have a decent feel to them.

Cherry Stream Desktop Keyboard Front

While plastic throughout, there is a pretty solid feel to the construction of this keyboard. There is some flex, but the keyboard doesn’t feel mushy and I didn’t experience any plastic “creaking” sounds.

Now my impression of the typing feel. This features Cherry SX switches, with the S in SX indicating scissor switches (MX are mechanical switches). They have a shallow travel and crisp, light feel. Just like a laptop! Well, an older laptop from the pre-chiclet times. Imagine your favorite laptop scissor-switch typing experience, and this might just remind you of that.

CHERRY Stream Desktop Review: Quiet Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - General Tech 13

Typically these lower-cost keyboards use a membrane, and the use of scissor switches with the Stream keyboard is a welcome departure from the mushy feel that most office keyboards have. It’s not totally silent, however. You’ll have that laptop-style soft clicking during typing to contend with – but it’s nothing like a mechanical keyboard so it will be easier to mask.

The mouse, on the other hand, takes things to the next level.

The Stream Desktop Mouse

Just like the keyboard this mouse has very conservative styling, though perhaps a bit more than the utilitarian keyboard design. It’s a mostly symmetrical design (there are buttons on the left side only) with a medium/medium+ overall size that is just a bit larger than the Microsoft or Logitech office mice I’ve used recently.

Cherry Stream Desktop Mouse Base

The base of the mouse is home to the power toggle, battery compartment, and the USB dongle that connects both devices

There isn’t much to say about the design, other than the fact that this is a 6-button mouse and there is a a 3-position adjustable DPI switch below the scroll wheel. The single AA battery helps give it a bit of weight, and the pads are adequate as it moved fairly smoothly in my testing. Tracking is ok, but the un-named PixArt sensor is not going to blow anyone away. This is an office mouse, so that’s fine.

But the star of the show here, and indeed of the entire Stream Desktop, is just how quiet this mouse is. It has the quietest left/right click of any mouse I’ve ever (not) heard. Finally! A mouse that I can click to my heart’s content without having to worry about the annoying sounds being picked up by my microphone. It may seem like a little thing, but I’m constantly clicking on links and different camera feeds during podcast production and I hear everything the next day during editing. Click click click click click. But not anymore!

Ok, enough raving about how quiet this mouse is. (Did I mention how quiet this mouse is?) It’s quiet.


Currently selling for less than $50 ($46.96 on Amazon) the Cherry Stream Desktop is a wireless keyboard/mouse combo that delivers above average typing feel compared to membrane designs thanks to its use of scissor switches, and a remarkably quiet mouse click.


I already raved about how quiet the left/right mouse clicks are, and I am obviously quite impressed by that. But there are merits to both halves of this kit. For example, if your needs are for a wireless keyboard/mouse pairing and you don’t like mushy keyboards, try this out. And if your needs are for a keyboard and (especially) mouse that don’t make a lot of noise when you’re streaming or in a virtual meeting, definitely try this out.

One area I didn’t cover is battery life, and I can’t offer any opinion about that yet as it’s rated in months and I haven’t used this kit for very long, but I expect the trio of AA batteries (two for the keyboard, one for the mouse) to last for some time.

Overall, thanks to quiet operation and reasonable price, It’s easy to recommend the Stream Desktop. I’d be happy just with a nearly-silent mouse, but the keyboard has a nice feel, too. If you’re in the market for one of these wireless desktops, check this one out.

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  1. MarkOS

    Good review and thank you for this. It would be stellar if there was a TKL or 87u version of this board. That quiet mouse looks pretty sweet, too.


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