Chrome Changes It’s Sparkplug And It’s V8 Gets A Speed Boost

Source: Slashdot Chrome Changes It’s Sparkplug And It’s V8 Gets A Speed Boost

Like No One Else Cheats With Javascript

Microsoft has given up on trying to align it’s Chakra and moved to Alphabet’s V8 engine for javascript on Chredge but Chrome will have a speed boost thanks to a change in it’s V8 javascript engine they call Sparkplug.  In the new Chrome 91, your web browsing sessions should see somewhere around 20% faster performance when dealing with javascript, and considering how prevalent that language is the difference should be noticeable.  As they have been using V8 since 2008, this has been a long time coming.

The Sparkplug speed boost comes from what even the team at Google calls a cheat, as it compiles from bytecode rather than from a JavaScript source. The Sparkplug compiler can compile that code without depending on information produced as the JavaScript code is executed, which is why the speed boost is so significant.  It will also allow webpages to run much larger applications without adding onerous loading times, which some inventive people will likely take advantage of to extent the usefulness of their sites.

Long story short, expect the new Chrome to feel faster than the alternatives when browsing, even though Microsoft still assures you that Edge is the best performing browser on Windows 10.


Google has shipped a new JavaScript compiler for its V8 JavaScript engine in Chrome called Sparkplug that promises a much faster web experience -- and it does it by 'cheating', according to the engineers on the project.

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