Corsair PBT Double-Shot Pro Kit For The Keyboard Fetishist

Source: Neoseeker Corsair PBT Double-Shot Pro Kit For The Keyboard Fetishist

Is It An Obsession Or Enthusiasm?

Keyboards are no longer the simple unassuming devices users enter faulty information with, we now need to know about the materials used in construction, the switches that click and for many, what the keycaps are made of.  No longer are many people satisfied with a $10 membrane keyboard constructed of cheap plastic, they need an aluminium body which houses their favourite flavour of switches and, most importantly, a fine surface to bash their fingertips on.

To assuage the needs of the true keyboardist Corsair have released several PBT Double Shot keycap kits, in six different colours including Mint Green, Rogue Pink, Arctic White, Elgato Blue, ORIGIN Red, and Onyx Black.  You could pick up several kits to really make your keyboard unique, and maybe even share the leftovers with a friend that has a similar attraction to their input devices.

Neoseeker highly recommends this bling for your keyboard, and with an MSRP of $29.99 it won’t cost you anywhere near what a new keyboard would.

These Mod Kits are designed to fit all Corsair mechanical and optical-mechanical keyboards with a standard bottom row, as well as any other Cherrry MX compatible keyboards with a standard bottom row!

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