Endgame Gear XM1r Looks To Give You A Perfect Run

Source: TechPowerUp Endgame Gear XM1r Looks To Give You A Perfect Run

All The Best Hardware, Shame About The Software

The Endgame Gear XM1r incorporates PixArt’s PAW3370 sensor which can be set in a range from 50 to 19,000 CPI with Kailh GM 8.0 switches and a USB connection that can signal at up to 1000Hz.  You have a choice of feet as well, the mouse comes with four small white-dyed 99.5% PTFE feet, as well as two larger eet you can swap in instead and you can order a pair of 100% PTFE from Endgame Gear if neither of those solutions appeal to you.

Thankfully Endgame Gear did not incorporate any detectable smoothing nor acceleration, aka Speed-related Accuracy Variance, in the mouse so it will accurately represent your hand movements without any fudging.  There is essentially no click latency either, thanks to their use of Analog Switch Technology, which TechPowerUp explains fully in a link in the review.

With all that focus on the hardware, it seems that some bugs were missed in the brand new software suite, with some options unavailable or only functional if you go through extra steps.  That is a minor issue, and likely to be quickly fixed, so don’t let that turn you off of the XM1r if you are looking for a good mouse.

Endgame Gear is on a mission to perfect the XM1, and the XM1r is the result of that quest. Equipped with the latest PixArt PAW3370 sensor, Kailh GM 8.0 main button switches, hybrid skates, an improved cable, and all-new translucent shell designs, the XM1r shapes up to be the definitive XM1 revision.

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