Learn About The Bear Necessities Of Surviving Total War Warhammer III

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Learn About The Bear Necessities Of Surviving Total War Warhammer III

Plus Tower Defence In The Realms Of Chaos

The third incarnation of Warhammer includes something a wee bit different than the previous two have, over and above expanding the map and playable races as the second one did.  There is a new survival battle type, which sees you invading one of the four realms of Chaos to establish a foothold, by yourself or with a partner if you want to try online multiplayer.  You will face armies which make the familiar end game armies of Chaos look like a small raid as daemons assault your from all sides.

This mode includes a way to reinforce your armies if you succeed in claiming a small beachhead, as well as healing and boosting the troops you currently have. Of course, establishing that beachhead will not be appreciated by the general population of whichever Realm you invaded and you can expect a large counterattack, as well as a constant trickle of attackers if you do hold your ground.  To help out you will be able to build armed fortifications to help you hold the capture points.

If you are more interested in the usual way of playing then check out the new video which shows off more of the Kislev faction’s troops, which includes even more bears than you expect.

To be honest, it's exactly the sort of nonsense I should have expected from a Games Workshop faction of magical Notrussians. And yet, I am surprised and delighted. Here, come watch the trailer to see more of their forces, including polar bears, spectral snow leopards, and... some sort of Rasputin?

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