Resident Evil Village And AMD FidelityFX

Source: The FPS Review Resident Evil Village And AMD FidelityFX

AMD And The Reach for the Moon Engine

The FPS Review have taken a close look at the performance of AMD’s FidelityFX enhancements, as well as variable rate shading and ray tracing in the newest Resident Evil game.  One tip that immediately stands out is that if you enable Ray Tracing it will turn Ambient Occlusion off and if you lose the ability to chose between SSAO or CACAO but only the choice to toggle AO on or off.   Ray tracing offers separate options for Global Illumination Reflection and Light Reflection, though The FPS Review found it was generally a good idea to keep them at the same level.

The news is good for those lucky few RX 6800 XT owners, at 4K with both Ray Tracing and graphics quality at maximum you can still expect to see an average of over 80FPS.  Those with NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3080 FE will beat that by about 5FPS overall, so a win for NVIDIA but not by much. 

With performance like that, you can leave VRS off and enjoy the full quality the game can offer.  Check out the full review to see a breakdown of the effect each feature has on performance.

Thanks to AMD and Capcom we had early access to this game before launch, and have been working on collecting performance and screenshots for this review. This review is based on the full release of the game.

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