Time To Launch The 2021 Hackaday Prize

Source: Hackaday Time To Launch The 2021 Hackaday Prize

Get Your Thinking Caps On And Win Some Prizes

Hackaday’s annual competition has launched, with a grand prize, of $25,000 and a residency at the Supplyframe Design Lab not to mention over 50 other prizes to be awarded to the best projects in any of the five challenges.  As with other years, the project categories are brand new and were conceived to encourage the development of things which will help those who might not have the same opportunities as the majority of us enjoy.

The first category is to Rethink Displays, where you can show off ways to communicate information visually and quickly, be it an improvement to a phone’s home screen, a LCD sitting by your door to help you on your day or new ways of interacting with a display.   They’ve also added a category to Reimagine Supportive Tech to improve the usability of software or hardware.  Think of ways to make learning how to use software easier for people, or improve the accessibility of interfaces for those with physical challenges or even just to take a piece of kit you love and make it accessible for anyone, without a steep learning curve.

The Refresh Work-From-Home Life is very appropriate for this year, and it will let you show off the best ideas you have about how to make working from home effective, comfortable and with healthy ergonomics.  Redefine Robots is somewhat similar to previous year’s categories, though this year the focus is on improving the automation in your home; perfect to share anything you have designed to make boring repetitive tasks quick and easy to accomplish.

The last of the five categories is also the broadest, as the Reactivate Wildcard includes any and all solutions to problems you have faced in other projects.  If you have run into a problem and come up with a solution, then document the challenges and your solutions and submit it for a chance to help people out, and maybe win a prize.

Hackaday has all the details, rules and submission guidelines here.

The 2021 Hackaday Prize begins right now. Tap into your creativity and build your piece of a better future on the topics of supportive technology, everyday robotics, imaginative displays, and work-from-home innovations.

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