Use Both Hands To Type On The ASUS ROG Claymore II

Source: Guru of 3D Use Both Hands To Type On The ASUS ROG Claymore II

Ya Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated

The ASUS ROG Claymore II optical keyboard is a mix of good, bad and ugly; even if that is totally the wrong movie.  The ugly part of the keyboard will only matter to some, but it will likely be enough to completely turn them off of this $270 wired/wireless keyboard, for the keycaps are made of ABS.  The bad also only applies to some prospective users, it seems the Asus Aura implementation on this keyboard is not particularly stable and could use some improvement.  Considering the number of glowing ROG logos on the keyboard, that is a pity for RGB addicts.

The list of good is much longer and will apply to anyone looking to use the ROG Claymore II.  The numpad is removable, allowing you to convert this in to a TKL keyboard or to attach the numpad to the left side of the keyboard; the wrist rest is also easily removable.  The body of the keyboard is aluminium and both looks good and makes the board rugged enough to survive a heavy gaming session.  The USB-C connection allows you to use the keyboard even when charging, though the 4000 mAh battery should keep that to a minimum as it is rated for up to 43 hours of use with all the RGBs blazing brightly.

There is a hefty price tag attached, a drawback to optical switches, but if you love that style of switch and are looking for a modular keyboard then Guru3D is where you should be heading before adding it to your cart.

The Asus CLAYMORE II keyboard was already previewed on the 13th of January at CES 2021. The debut has occurred on the 15th of May. Ok, but what’s that all about? How does this product stand out from the crowded market? And how does it differ from the first version?

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