A Pair Of Alphacool Eisblock Water Blocks For The Mythical RTX 3080 And RTX 3090

Source: TechPowerUp A Pair Of Alphacool Eisblock Water Blocks For The Mythical RTX 3080 And RTX 3090

Flashy Acrylic With The GPX Aurora Or Purely Functional Like The ES Acetal?

TechPowerUp released two reviews of Alphacool Eisblock GPU coolers for NVIDIA’s RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 which bear some similarities to each other but are very different beasts.  The cold plate on both is the same, and it is in three pieces as opposed to the more traditional solid cold plate.  This is to accommodate the differences in the Founders Edition and OEM cards, not to mention the unexpectedly vertically gifted capacitors on these cards.  The other similarity, apart from the use of BSP G1/4″ threads, is the aluminium back plate that can be included in your build, which does add extra cooling to the components on the back of these cards.

The Alphacool Eisblock GPX Aurora is the flashier of the two coolers, made entirely of acrylic so you can see absolutely everything going on in the cooler, including the O-rings.  It also sports 12 aRGB LEDs which your motherboard should be able to easily integrate into the circus of lights already in your case.  On the side you will find four ports to connect, making it very easy to integrate into a cooling loop.  The overall performance is not quite as good as it’s sibling as Alphacool focused more on the looks of this GPU water block.

The ECS Acetyl is all business with a solid black acetyl top and a refreshing lack of RGBs.  There are only two ports on this cooler, placed at the end of the water block which comes with both positives and negatives.  The placement allows for a cleaner loop, as you can run the tubes tight to the case and makes vertical mounting much easier.  On the other hand the close proximity of the two ports means that you will have to carefully chose your fittings to ensure they don’t block one another.  The ECS Acetyl offers somewhat better cooling than the GPX Aurora but neither card challenges the cooling capabilities of the competition.

Dig into both articles if you are hoping to watercool that RTX 3080 or RTX 3090 some day in the future when they can actually be purchased.

Alphacool has two very different blocks for the RTX 3080/3090 reference PCB to cater to different tastes. This article goes over the ES Acetal, a non-flashy block with side-mounted ports, an included backplate, and a unique coolant layout for a decent price.

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