Aqua Computer LEAKSHIELD, Watercooling With Peace Of Mind

Source: TechPowerUp Aqua Computer LEAKSHIELD, Watercooling With Peace Of Mind

Under Negative Pressure

If you have considered watercooling in the past but are worried about running all that conductive fluid through your PC or have actually had bad experiences in the past the the Aqua Computer LEAKSHIELD might be just what you need.   This cooler is designed with a vacuum pump, instead of a traditional one, which means that the system runs under negative pressure of up to 450 mbar.  If a leak does happen, air will be sucked into the system as opposed to liquid flowing out.  This means you need to be very selective in what tubing you choose as you need some that will not collapse under that level of vacuum.

In order for all of the software features included in the Aqua Computer LEAKSHIELD suite you need to follow rather specific setup instructions, which TechPowerUp details in their review.  If you do set up a loop that meets all the prerequisites the Shield mode allows LEAKSHIELD to generate adaptive negative pressures throughout your loop to actively mitigate leaks.  If you do stray a little then the Monitor mode will actively look for leaks and is able to shut the system off if you pick up an accessory to the kit which is sold separately.   There is also a Release mode which brings part of the loop up to ambient air pressure to allow you to bleed out bubbles and top up coolant.

Check out the review for a video of LEAKSHIELD in action as well as details on the both the good and bad of Aqua Computer’s unique pump, accessories and software.

Aqua Computer challenges conventional watercooling by throwing a vacuum pump into the loop! The all-new LEAKSHIELD not only detects leaks by using a sensitive pressure sensor, but also aims to stop them with a clever vacuum-pump implementation and negative pressure operation.

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