Google’s EPYC Tau VMs

Source: The Register Google’s EPYC Tau VMs

Faster Than A Speeding AWS, More Powerful Than An Azure Instance

Google’s new Tau VMs will be powered by third generation EPYC processors from AMD and the specifications are impressive.  There will be up to to 60 vCPUs per virtual machine with each Tau vCPU having up to 4GB of memory to make use of, with availability some time later this year.  As you might expect, Google claims these new VMs are 56% more powerful than Intel or ARM based VMs, and 42% better when you look at it from a price-performance ratio.  Twitter and Snap seem to agree with those figures, as they were chosen to get an early look at Tau VMs.

Google was quick to state that their agreement with AMD is not about exclusivity, in the future their Tau VMs could be powered by ARM or Intel, it is just that right now AMD’s offerings are better for them and their customers.   Faster service on the web is always appreciated, but this move may have come a little late to save Stadia; if that was part of Google’s plan.

Google's cloud arm has hooked up with AMD, tapping up its latest EPYC processors for a new family of virtual machines, Tau VMs, aimed at scale-out applications - but the company isn't keen on tying itself down to just one chip-slinger.

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