Have You Heard The Buzz About Immerse Gaming HIVE ?

Source: Neoseeker Have You Heard The Buzz About Immerse Gaming HIVE ?

Cheating, Or Just Making Use Of The Tools Available To You?

Immerse Gaming HIVE is software which is compatible with headphones compatible with Embody’s HRTF modelling engine that adds full virtual surround to your listening experience, with a little something extra as well.   While you are gaming, it can overlay a small circle on top of the game you are playing, which will monitor the audio from the game to not only alert you when it detects something approaching, as well as giving a visual indicator where it is in relation to you.

Anyone who guessed that this is “AI’ driven can go and get a cookie now, but it is unlikely you guessed that the setup of the software includes taking a picture of your right ear.  This is to personalize the head-related transfer function engine, the theory being that the size and shape of your ear has an effect on how you hear.  The software also has settings for closed and open backed headphones as well as in ear, not to mention different game types.

The price is not too prohibitive, even if it is licensed, you can pay $15 yearly or $40 for five years if you prefer.  There is also a two week free trial you can test out, without needing to provide a credit card.  If you would like to hear more about Immerse Gaming HIVE you can check out Neoseeker’s review here.


Today we're taking a look at the Immerse Gaming HIVE from Embody, an AI-driven spatial audio gaming software designed for use with gaming headsets. Immerse aims to deliver 360-degree audio that is better personalized to the user's ear profile, right down to requiring an actual picture of your right ear during software installation. We give the software a test drive for some early impressions.

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