Keyboard Impressionism With The Akko 3108v2 Monet’s Pond

Source: TechPowerUp Keyboard Impressionism With The Akko 3108v2 Monet’s Pond

Technically Named For Monet’s Pond From The Gifu Prefecture Of Japan

If you have wondered how to incorporate mechanical fish into your PC build, then Akko’s 3108v2 Monet’s Pond might be the opportunity you have been waiting for.  The body is made of ABS plastic, with PBT plastic keycaps, and a steel plate inside to give it strength along with your choice of Akko, Gateron, or TTC mechanical switches.

The image shows some of the available keys you can swap in to replace more traditionally labelled ones, though the omission of the kettle keycap is rather disappointing.  You can easily swap the artistic keycaps in and out with the included metal pull tool which TechPowerUp rates highly for not damaging the keys when swapping them out.  They were also quite taken by the matching wristrest and desk mat you can pick up separately.

You cannot remap the dedicated volume and macro buttons above the numpad, but you can indeed record and trigger macros on the fly.  These peripherals from Akko will cost you a bit more than the competitions, but if you are looking for a unique and interesting keyboard the cost could well be worth it.

Akko is churning out custom keyboard designs faster than any other company, and today, we take a look at a real stunner. Termed Monet's Pond, this keyboard looking to transport users to the famous Koi pond in Japan with its theme is part of a whole series with a matching desk mat and wrist rest.

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