Meet The Radeon Pro W6800 And W6600

Source: ServeTheHome Meet The Radeon Pro W6800 And W6600

AMD’s RDNA2 Gets A Job

Today we learned about AMD’s newest RDNA2 based Radeon Pro GPUs, the W6800 and W6600. The W6800 uses a Navi 21 die with 60 of the 80 compute units active, similar to the RX 6800, 32GB of ECC memory and a 250W power capacity.  The W6600 uses the Navi 23 die that we have not yet seen in the wild but which is speculated to be in the mobile 6600M GPU, it has 28 active CUs, 8GB of non-ECC memory and a power rating of 100W.  This helps explain the huge price difference between the two cards, $2250 for the W6800 compared to $650 for the W6600.

The two professional cards offer something unique, there are six Mini-DP 1.4 with DSC on the W6800 and four on the W6600, offering you the ability to power an impressive amount of screens. As for Infinity Cache you will find 128MB on the W6800 while the W6600 sports 32MB, and the hardware raytracing matches the CUs, with 60 on the high end card and 28 for the less expensive model.   The specs suggest that even the professional cards will be the target of obsessive miners.

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AMD has two new workstation GPUs out that are designed with RDNA 2. The AMD Radeon Pro W6800 and Radeon Pro W6600 series GPUs offer AMD’s newer graphics architecture to the professional market.

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