Noctua’s NH-P1 Fanless CPU Cooler is Finally Here – Almost

Source: FanlessTech Noctua’s NH-P1 Fanless CPU Cooler is Finally Here – Almost

A Newegg Listing Caused a Stir Over the Weekend

It has been two years since fanless enthusiasts first laid eyes on Noctua’s passive CPU cooler prototype at Computex 2019, and now we have a name, and price, for this new cooler. But no official release just yet.

As reported by FanlessTech, the cooler is the NH-P1, and was listed for $100 on Newegg – before the listing was removed (link now goes to a “sorry we can’t find this Item” page).

Newegg Noctua Link

At least the Newegg listing suggests that an official launch is imminent, and if you want to read about the features and compatibility of the NH-P1 check out the FanlessTech article.

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