The Enterprising Intel D7-P5510 7.68TB PCIe SSD

Source: Tweaktown The Enterprising Intel D7-P5510 7.68TB PCIe SSD

Meet Intel’s 144 Layer 3-Bit Flash

High capacity enterprise class SSDs aren’t limited to SATA, unless of course your budget can’t fit the cost of a PCIe 4.0 SSD.  The picture might look a wee bit SATA-ish but it does indeed sport a PCIe Gen4 x4 U.2 interface, it is just that the drive has a well endowed heatsink.  As the Intel l D7-P5510 is an enterprise drive, high queue depth performance is important and this drive delivers, 200,000 4K random write IOPS and 930,000 random read IOPS at a queue depth of 256.  The good news is that the drive is also impressive at low queue depths which is incredibly important for some workloads.

TweakTown’s testing includes benchmarks you don’t tend to see on consumer drives, email server performance, On-Line Transaction Processing and pure web server performance.  If you are shopping around for a drive that is going to work for a living, this is worth checking out, especially as it has a write endurance of 14PBW and a five year warranty.

D7-P5510 is Intel's newest PCIe Gen4 enterprise SSD that brings bleeding-edge performance to datacenter or business applications.

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