Viper Gaming Elite II Performance DDR4

Source: Patriot Viper Gaming Viper Gaming Elite II Performance DDR4

Patriot Viper Updates the Elite Line

Viper has announced the launch of their latest Viper Elite II DDR4 memory, a direct update from the previous Elite Performance series. Perhaps most importantly to many builders, it will be delivered in a very RGB free way. As in red-stealth-aluminum is cool again. You will also be getting some heavily touted stability and overclocking potential, which is nice.

Indeed the latest Viper Elite II does feature a clean and – while still being red – a somewhat toned down, new and updated heat spreader design. Viper tells us that each module is built from a 10-layer PCB using only the highest quality hand-tested memory chips and components to ensure that each module is going to meet their strict quality standards for stability. Hand tested is interesting, and I can get behind that.

"The VIPER ELITE II is a sensible upgrade to our popular and award-winning VIPER ELITE series, and with it, we take everything back to the basics and essentials to how an excellent DRAM module should be built. For the VIPER ELITE II, we have focused on speed, capacity, and stability." - Roger Shinmoto, VP Viper
Viper Gaming Elite II Performance DDR4 - General Tech 2

The Viper Eilite II DDR4 sticks are built for use in the latest Intel and AMD platforms and are validated for compatibility with them. They also sport a limited lifetime warranty. Single and dual kits are available at 4000Mhz from 8GB to 32GB, 3600Mhz & 3200Mhz kits can be had up to 64GB and down to 8GB. You could also have them in 2666Mhz, but IMO, you’re better off with the faster speeds if building a system today with a modern CPU, particularly on AMD where I would recommend 3600Mhz. But if you’re especially price sensitive, the option is there. Certain 64GB kits are available as 2x32GB for all you not-quite-sane ITX builders out there that must have max memory.

Check out the Patriot Viper Elite II site or look up the kits on Amazon for the latest pricing, as of this writing a 16GB kit at 3600Mhz is a bit under $100.

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