Watercooled RGBs from Galax, With Bonus HOF OC Lab DDR4-4400 Included

Watercooled RGBs from Galax, With Bonus HOF OC Lab DDR4-4400 Included

CNC Acrylic Top, 5V aRGB Lighting And A Mirror Polished Copper Base

If you build an entirely watercooled system, hoping on passive airflow for cooling those components not included in the cooling loop you might run into difficulties with higher frequency RAM.  Galax are looking to solve that with their HOF OC Lab DDR4-4400 16 GB kit which comes with a top plate to attach to your RAM’s heatspreaders and your watercooling loop.  As you would expect it also sports numerous programmable RGBs.

The Guru of 3D tested the DIMMs at DDR4-3600, 14-14-14-32 on their AMD platform and DDR4-4400 at 14-14-14-39 on their Intel platform with no problems whatsoever.  Overclocking results on the Intel platform were okay, DDR4-4600 at 19-19-19-39 was stable, if not overly impressive.  On the AMD system they went for timings to avoid 2:1 Infinity Fabric kicking in, with 14-14-14-30 being stable and a hair more responsive.

The overclocking results wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the pricing, the 2x8GB kit is priced at 344 EUR, roughly $420 US which is quite pricey for the performance.  However if you have a tight case and need to find a way to move heat away from your memory more effectively, the premium might just be worth it.  Check out the real world results in the full review.

Today, we are checking the Galax HOF OC Lab Water Cooling 4400 MHz CL19. It was instead some GPUs (or SSDs) that we got a chance to look at from this company. That's definitely the high-end of the RAM that you can see on the market.

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