30 Steam Games All Less Than $25 To Amuse Yourself With

Source: Ars Technica 30 Steam Games All Less Than $25 To Amuse Yourself With

Some Lesser Known And Less Expensive Stars Of The Steam Summer Sale

You could spend today worried about PrintNightmare and the horror show that is RpcAddPrinterDriverEx(), or check in to see if your employer was one of the thousands hit by ransomware over the weekend, but it is a holiday for ungrateful colonists so why not let that sit for a day and relax; the rest of your week may not offer much in the way of spare time.

Ars Technica dove into the Steam Summer Sale to find 30 games that don’t get the same attention as the blockbusters but which all share two traits, they are under $25 and have interesting premises.  If you like racing, art of rally is a minimalist top down racing game for $17.50 that should provide some entertainment for you. If cycling racing is more your style why not spend $10 to crash your way down mountainsides in Lonely Mountains: Downhill? 

In Other Waters might appeal to Subnautica fans in an odd way, instead of playing the xenologist you play as her suit’s AI and for $7.50 it seems worth a try.  The Messenger takes the old Ninjagaiden and gives it a brand new twist if you have $8 for a 2D platformer.  As you might expect, there are a number of narrative and puzzle games to check out and a dozen or so more runners up to consider as well.

But while the Halos, Grand Theft Autos, and other mega-hits of the world may get the most front-page attention, the sheer breadth of the sale means that a truckload of lesser-known but more-than-worthwhile games have dropped to more approachable prices as well.

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