A Bellows-Cooled PC Is Beyond Cool

Source: Hackaday A Bellows-Cooled PC Is Beyond Cool

There Is Nothing Odd About A Computer That Breathes

When we think of exotic cooling solutions usually it involves liquid nitrogen or dry ice, but over at DIY Perks they think a little differently.  Last year they developed a silent bellow system and this year they found a great use for it; cooling a PC.  The large chamber in the bottom is a bellows, which moves a large plate around using a combination of hydraulics and neodymium magnets, which creates a fair amount of air flow. 

The air is drawn in on one side of the bottom chamber as the plate moves while the air from the other side is pushed up through a pair of wooden ducts, over a watercooled radiator before blowing across the computer components in the top chamber and finally exhausted out of the enclosure.  In order to ensure that the pressure does not drag in the hot air which was just exhausted they included rows of check valves on the sides of the case and exhaust as well.

The build was not easy, with a few extra issues that popped up as is common with these sorts of products.  Check out the full post at Hackaday, with links and videos.

The cooling systems on high-performance PCs are often a large part of their visual appeal, but we’ve never seen anything like [DIY Perks]’ latest build: A massive bellow-cooled PC.

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  1. ET3D

    Cool indeed, and thanks for posting, but I assume you meant “that breathes” and not “than breathes” in the subtitle.


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