A big.LITTLE Leak Of The i9-12900K

Source: Slashdot A big.LITTLE Leak Of The i9-12900K

A New Rumour For Your Friday

There has been a leak of benchmark results which supposedly represent the performance of the unreleased Intel Core i9-12900K, as well as the specifications of the chip.  If correct, they confirm the predictions of just about everyone that it contains 16 cores; eight big cores and 8 LITTLE cores.  That leads to a total thread count of 24, as the eight low power LITTLE cores are not multithreaded, with a peak boost clock of 5.3GHz.

The only performance numbers given were for Cinebench R20, the supposed i9-12900K earned a score of 810 in single threaded performance, 11600 in multithreaded; in contrast AMD’s 5950X benchmarks at 643 single, 10409 multi in DigitalTrends testing.  That is a nice boost over Intel’s previous generation of chips as well and indicates the new big.LITTLE design has been well implemented.

Interestingly, the leaker stated that they used watercooling for these tests, but did not overclock it.  As we do not know anything about the thermal design of this Alder Lake chip that could should offer a chance for much speculation about what it will take to run this chip without throttling, not to mention it’s overclocking potential.

It won’t be too much longer before we know about the accuracy of the leak, one way or the other.

According to leaker OneRaichu, the results for the 12900K were gathered using water-cooling and without overclocking, so it's possible the final score could be even higher. The rumors suggest the processor will come with 16 cores and 24 threads with a boost clock speed of up to 5.3GHz.

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  1. Ryan and Allyn were sitting in a tree

    Wonder how bad Windows will be at being able to assign a workload to the correct kind of cores?

    Also, when they run those benchmarks in multi-threaded, does it run across all 24 threads, or is it just on the 8c/16t cores?

    I get that with time and newer generation of a product there will be optimizations, but as much of a leap as this leak suggests, something just doesn’t seem to add up.

    I pressed X for doubt

    • Operandi

      The fact they are using water cooling could be saying a lot. Intel has always seemed to have been able to scale performance with high power consumption on 14nm in a way none of the AMD Zen designs really did so maybe this will still be a thing on 10nm?

      Either way pretty nice performance jump if legit.

  2. Nothing to say

    Woohooo… the next generation of something will beat the current generation! wooooohooo! woohoo?
    And it will be even faster when overclocked..that’s new!!! Isn’t it? woohooo.
    Sorry, but where are the news?
    And the title is clickbait at it’s best… what lies?
    Nothing else to write about?

    • Sebastian Peak

      You’re welcome!


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