be quiet! Announces Dark Rock TF 2 CPU Air Cooler

Source: be quiet! be quiet! Announces Dark Rock TF 2 CPU Air Cooler

230W of Top Flow CPU Cooling

be quiet! has introduced their latest CPU air cooler with the Dark Rock TF 2, with the “TF” denoting a top-flow design. Positioned as a high-end offering with the ability to dissipate up to 230W TDP loads, the press release boldly proclaims that the Dark Rock TF 2 provides “maximum top-flow cooling performance even under extreme overclocking conditions.”

Standing 134 mm tall (including fan it is listed at 163 mm long, 140 mm wide, and 134 mm high), the Dark Rock TF 2 can serve as an alternative to large tower coolers in cases without the clearance required, and given the top-flow design the Dark Rock TF 2 can also help keep surrounding components cool with its pair of large, down-firing fans.

Via the press release:


  • Extremely high cooling performance with 230W TDP
  • Two heat sinks with anti-vibration rubber inserts
  • Six high-performance 6mm heat pipes
  • Silent Wings 3 135mm with funnel shape and a Silent Wings 135mm for virtually inaudible operation of max. 27.1dB(A)
  • Fans equipped with durable fluid-dynamic bearing and smooth 6-pole motor
  • Optimized mounting kit with a fixed cooler mounting bridge makes for an easy installation
  • Special black coating with ceramic particles enables perfect heat transfer
  • Three-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Product conception, design and quality control in Germany
be quiet! Announces Dark Rock TF 2 CPU Air Cooler - Cases and Cooling 2

Effortless cooling under extreme conditions

For anyone looking for a true high-end cooler, Dark Rock TF 2 ticks all the right boxes. The dual-heatsink design with six high-performance copper heat pipes offers maximum performance even under extreme overclocking conditions and the top-flow design provides ideal cooling not only for the CPU but also for the surrounding motherboard components. Even so, Dark Rock TF 2 is virtually inaudible, thanks to a funnel-shaped Silent Wings 3 135mm as the upper fan, and a Silent Wings 135mm (without funnel-shaped entry) as the lower fan. Both fans are equipped with a durable fluid-dynamic bearing, smooth six-pole motors, and up to nine airflow-optimized fan blades, resulting in a low noise level of 27.1 dB(A) at 100% PWM speed. Anti-vibration rubber inserts on the heat sink fins further dampen unwanted operational sounds.

Elegant yet functional design for all build conditions

With its impressive 230W cooling performance Dark Rock TF 2 performs exceptionally well, but also looks the part. The brushed aluminum cover gives it an elegant look while the special black coating with ceramic particles improves heat transfer compared to other, less sophisticated coating methods. The dual-heatsink design allows installation of memory modules with a height of up to 49mm, while installation of the cooler itself is effortless thanks to the optimized mounting kit with a fixed cooler mounting bridge. Even though Dark Rock TF 2 includes two fans, users looking for high-end cooling in more compact builds can utilize the cooler in single-fan assembly for a low overall height. be quiet! offers a three-year manufacturer’s warranty on Dark Rock TF 2.

As to pricing and availability, be quiet! states that the Dark Rock TF 2 will go on sale August 10 with an MSRP of $85.90 USD.

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