Chernobylite Has Arrived; A Very Pretty Roguelike

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Chernobylite Has Arrived; A Very Pretty Roguelike

Sometimes Kickstarter Come Through

Chernobylite started as a Kickstarter, as a survival horror game in the Chernobyl exclusion zone but with an interesting extra feature.   The environs the game takes place in are literally 3D scans of the Chernobyl Zone; the development team actually visited these sites and used laser scanning, photogrammetry, and drones to let them replicate the locations in the game.  As well they made use of movie equipment and hand-crafted props and costumes for the NPCs in the game, both for cut scenes and actual gameplay.

It is a little late, but it is finally out of early access and the complete game is available on Steam now, with a proper ending and everything.  Those of us that have poked around a bit in the early access version can finally get to the reactor to find out what is actually going on.  Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN have posted a review of the Chernobylite, which you should take a peek at if you enjoyed S.T.A.L.K.E.R or like roguelike first person shooters.

The game has scary moments, but is not focused on horror but more on piecing together the story by talking to people and discovering various information as you and the team that you build explore the environs of Chernobyl.  You are a research scientist, which is quite obvious during gameplay; you will get your hands on a gun but you will find yourself quickly outclassed by soldiers if you abandon stealth and misdirection to try to shoot your way into places.

The acting is impressive, with your companions actually having personalities, they are not just a bundle of stats with a face.  Another unique take is that The Farm 51 were not kidding when they said choices matter in Chernobylite.  The decisions you make during the game will have far more effect than changing the colours in the wrap up of the game.  Take a peek at the review and see if you are interested enough to pick up this attractive looking and fairly well written game. 

More tense than outright horror, but Chernobylite is still a solid RPG with interesting base-building, management and survival elements that balance nicely to form a fun roguelite loop.

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