Company Of Heroes 3 Adds A Total War-like Map To The Series

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Company Of Heroes 3 Adds A Total War-like Map To The Series

A Benefit To Sega Buying Relic?

If you are a fan of the Total War series of games; that mix of turn based management on a large map interspersed with RTS battles then the new Company Of Heroes 3 might just be your cup of tea.  Now that both franchises have been scooped up by Sega, the executive producer at Relic Entertainment, David Littman, had a chance to chat with some of Creative Assembly’s developers to see how Total War have pulled that off so well in the past.

The talks proved fruitful and Company of Heroes 3 will somewhat resemble Total War: World War 2 in it’s game play.  You will be presented with a large map of the Mediterranean theatre, including at least some of northern Africa.   You have control of companies of troops and armour on land, warships and bombers for dropping a little heavy metal on enemy positions and even guerrilla troops you can use to harass the enemy.  some battles can be fought quickly on the campaign map but for the many you will command your companies directly in real time, just like in the previous two Company of Heroes games.

Even better is that you have the opportunity to take a look at the current state of the game for a limited time.  Pop over to Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN for a gameplay reveal trailer, a review of the current state of Company of Heroes 3 and the link to try it out for yourself.

The Total War series are the Kinder Eggs of strategy gaming: a layer of delicious, map-based strategy, with a dramatic RTS toy hidden inside. It's a tasty formula, and I've often wondered why more games over the years haven't adopted it.

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