GIGABYTE’s GeForce RTX 3080 Ti EAGLE 12G On Loan For Review

Source: The FPS Review GIGABYTE’s GeForce RTX 3080 Ti EAGLE 12G On Loan For Review

The Lower End Of Gigabyte’s RTX 3080 Ti Family

You know things are bad when the quickest way to benchmark a retail GPU is to borrow it from someone that won a decent Newegg shuffle; that is the world we are in right now though.  The FPS review was interested in the RTX 3080 Ti EAGLE 12G because it is on the lower end of the family, which means that in normal times it is one of the most affordable of the RTX 3080 Ti’s around.  One day, when stock becomes available, the MSRP would be  $1,199.

The specifications are the same as a Founders Edition card, base clock of 1365MHz, boost clock of 1665MHz and 12GB of 19GHz GDDR6X with a TDP of 350W.  The difference between the Gigabyte’s RTX 3080 Ti EAGLE 12G and an FE is the WINDFORCE 3X cooling system, which tends to be far more effective than the one NVIDIA chose.  The tests back that up, with the EAGLE running at 68.7C versus 74.2C for the FE card under load while playing Cyberpunk 2022.  The cooler is also significantly quieter under load as well.

For overclocking, The FPS Review made use of the GIGABYTE AORUS ENGINE which gives you control over frequencies, power and fan speeds.  Unfortunately, the power target can only be boosted to 105%, still the card was capable of being set to an 1825MHz boost clock, which hovered around 1864MHz in game.

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When we say this is a retail card, we mean it, we paid for shipping and borrowed from a generous forum user. This person bought this video card from winning a Newegg shuffle for, get this, $1,195! That’s right, UNDER MSRP of $1,199. We want to give this person a big thank you for lending us your card to put through the wringer, and we appreciate it.

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