ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black Keeps Your CPU Out Of The Red

Source: Tweaktown ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black Keeps Your CPU Out Of The Red

Single Tower In The Dark, Two Fans Circling

ID-Cooling might not be a familiar name but they have been in the cooler business since 2013 and have a wide variety of cooling products, including the SE-225-XT Black that Tweaktown have just reviewed.  The overall performance of this single tower, dual fan cooler might just tempt you to try them, especially when you consider the $45 price tag.

The cooler weighs in at an impressive 1200g with the two 120mm fans strapped on and measures 128 x 108 x 154mm, which will fit in the vast majority of cases.  You will be able to install the SE-225-XT Black on any modern Intel system, but it is limited to AMD’s Socket AM4 according to the documentation.   The performance is quite impressive, coming in at number five on the charts, beat only by 240mm AIO coolers and in one case by the Zalman CNPS20X which happens to cost twice as much.

The sound pressure isn’t bad as well, as long as you avoid 100% speed, their results when overclocked hit an acceptable 36 dB.  If you still prefer air cooling then this is a review that is worth spending some time looking through.

ID-Cooling's SE-225-XT Black CPU cooler scores our highest rating for performance and value, and it deserves your attention.

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