JWK Unlubed Silent Linear Switches, For The Keyboard Fanatic

Source: Overclockers Club JWK Unlubed Silent Linear Switches, For The Keyboard Fanatic

Some Like Them Dry And Squeaky

JWK have released several unlubed linear switches, which Overclockers Club have been testing out.  The most recent kit contained unlubed silent linear switches, for those that prefer a unique feel while typing or who happen to have strong feelings about which lubricants should be used in their keys.  JWK’s silent switches differ from the non-silent ones that OCC previously reviewed by having a dampener installed on them to reduce the noise produced when bottoming out.

Interestingly that quiet key bounce makes it possible to hear the squeak of the springs in the switches, after all they do not have any lubrication.  If you want to learn even more about these switches and others they have recently reviewed then check out the full review.  Be warned, you will need at least a little obsession with keyboards to fully enjoy it.


Like the normal linear version and the TECSEE Purple Panda tactile switches, 1Up provided a discount to support these switch reviews. The critical difference between them is the presence of silicone dampeners on the stem, so both the down stroke and up stroke involve softer plastic-on-silicone impacts rather than hard plastic-on-plastic impacts. These are priced at $0.75 a switch, compared to the $0.60 of the non-silent versions.

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