Neo Forza Faye, DDR4-4400 At CL19

Source: TechPowerUp Neo Forza Faye, DDR4-4400 At CL19

These DIMMs Are Dim; All Speed, No RGBs

Neo Forza is unlikely to be the first company you think of when you are shopping for RAM, but if you miss the old look of DIMMs with a solid black heatspreader and no RGBs then perhaps it should be.  Their 32GB dual channel Faye DDR4-4400 kit sports timings of 19-26-26-46, which would be decent on DDR4-3600, let alone RAM of this frequency.  Underneath the heatspreader you will find familiar SK Hynix memory, so no worries about the silicon even with an unfamiliar brand name.

The Intel results, running at 4400MHz with an i9-10900k show an impressive showing, on some tests Neo Forza Faye memory outperforms DDR4-4600 kits, though DIMMs of lower frequency and tighter timings beat this kit in latency testing.  The Ryzen testing was done at full frequency, which produced decent results but DDR4-3600 kits beat it in real life usage thanks to the Infinity Fabric divider.  As for overclocking potential, it seems that Neo Forza has already pushed these DIMMs as far as they can go, TechPowerUp was unable to get these DIMMs to push past the XMP settings.

Pop by for a look, if you so desire.

The Neo Forza Faye is a performance-focused kit that features a neutral, RGB-free aesthetic. The specification I have for testing today is both high-capacity and blisteringly fast at 4400 MHz. Let's take a look at what the Neo Forza Faye has to offer!

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