Podcast #637 – Mining GPUs Hit the Market, AMD MiniPC, Sub-Zero Cooling, 12900k Rumors and much more!

Would you buy an ex-mining card?  Looks like crypto is hitting a bit of a low point and certain countries are banning mining!  There’s some upcoming rumors for the Intel 12900k and Sub-Zero cooling from Cooler Master.  Ready to run Windows 11 in a browser?  CPU smuggling And Microsoft doesn’t quite get the Printnightmare patch right.  Plenty more in the show, peruse the timestamps below.

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Show Topics

00:00 Intro
01:16 (???)
02:15 Burger of the week
03:33 Would you buy a used mining GPU from China?
08:01 Intel 12th Gen samples allegedly appear
11:24 Don’t get caught smuggling 256 CPUs
14:31 Cooler Master goes SUB-ZERO
17:11 Ad Break: LinkedIn Talent Solutions
18:21 The desktop STILL isn’t dead
21:41 Windows 11 in a browser??
24:30 NVIDIA Cambridge-1 EPYC Supercomputer
28:37 Battlefield 2042 has much AI
30:12 An AMD NUC-like mini PC
34:30 More PrintNightmare nightmares
37:00 Picks of the week
43:30 Vintage hardware corner
50:26 Outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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