Podcast #638 – Steam Deck Announcement – Amazon MMO Bricking GPUs? – Gaming on Linux and MORE!

An Amazon MMO game might be contributing to high end GPU failures, the Steam Deck is on deck tonight and it looks pretty good all around.  Linux and ARM seem like they will get Nvidia RTX and DLSS soon.   Will GLOFLO end up with Intel or not?  Patch Tuesday for all (well, Windows and Linux anyway).  Plus more!  Enjoy.

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Show Topics

00:00 Intro
01:22 Burger of the Week
03:50 Steam Deck
16:35 GlobalFoundries Selling to Intel?
23:37 Is an Amazon MMO Bricking GPUs?
27:56 NVIDIA RTX and DLSS Coming to Arm and Linux
32:04 AMD FSR Applied to Vulkan Linux Games via Proton FSHack
33:36 DirectStorage Coming to Windows 10 After All
35:52 Windows 10 Gets 5 More Years of Life (with a catch)
38:29 Another Terrible Tuesday for SysAdmins
44:10 Picks of the Week
54:45 Outro
Picks of the Week

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