Remember Neo Forza? Here’s Their NFS01 1TB SATA SSD

Source: TechPowerUp Remember Neo Forza?  Here’s Their NFS01 1TB SATA SSD

Neo Forza Might Be New, But They Aren’t A Flash In The Pan

After taking a look at their Faye memory, why not take a peek at Neo Forza’s NFS01 SSD line?  This particular drive is of the once beloved 2.5″ SATA, which stole our hearts long before we could boot from NVMe M.2 drives.  The form factor is still very useful for many, who haven’t upgraded to a system with M.2 ports nor picked up one of the PCIe adapters.  The cost is also attractive when you are shopping for a storage drive that you don’t need to break speed records with.

The Neo Forza NFS01 1 TB SSD conforms to Ryan’s Law, at $80 it is well below $0.10/GB and a great way to add storage without hurting your savings.  It sports a three year warranty and an endurance rating of 800 TBW so it should last you quite a while.   Inside you will find a Silicon Motion SM2258 XT G controller along with 15 nm 64-layer 3D TLC flash from SanDisk/Toshiba.  There is no memory onboard, but there is a t 340 GB SLC cache which helps the drive perform very well, unless you fill it up.

At this price, performance is secondary and indeed it only compares well to other older SATA SSDs.  The fact it does not use QLC is a big point in Neo Forza’s favour, previously only drives with that type of flash came close to this pricing. The 60GB of over provisioning is also quite nice to see!

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Priced at just $80 for the reviewed 1 TB version, the Neo Forza NFS01 2.5" SATA SSD is one of the most affordable drives on the market. While it won't break any speed records, its performance is good enough for many use cases, and the price point is very convincing.

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