The Sabrent EC-SSD2 Dual-Bay NVMe M.2 Enclosure

Source: ServeTheHome The Sabrent EC-SSD2 Dual-Bay NVMe M.2 Enclosure

Double Decker Flash Sandwich

Sabrent opted to abandon the toaster style of dual drive enclosures with the EC-SSD2, instead this dual-bay NVMe M.2 enclosure looks a bit more like a Walkman.  The two drives are installed side by side under a cover and are actively cooled by a 50mm fan, which according to ServeTheHome sounds reminiscent of an old 52X CDROM drive, but does keep thermals in the comfort range of NVMe drives.

The EC-SSD2 can handle A to B drive cloning, as long as the two drives are the same size as it does not have the ability to resize a partition.  You can also set it to work as an external drive, with one or both drives active.  It connects via proper USB-C, with a 10Gbps interface that either splits the bandwidth equally between the two drives or gives one access to all the available bandwidth.

There are some other details to learn about in ServeTheHome’s review, as well as a comparison to the ACASIS M03 and a link to their review of that dual-bay NVMe drive which is built in the old toaster style.


The internals of the Sabrent EC-SSD2 are very similar to the ACASIS M03, but the design of the two devices is very different. In this review, I will obviously compare the two but mostly will evaluate the EC-SSD2 on its own merits.

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  1. Mike

    Not sure anyone reads these comments, since I’ve never had one posted, but FYI:

    “it does not have the ability to resize a tradition”

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      The partitioning betwixt my brain and fingers needs a CRC check methinks.

  2. Pedram

    Why are they making cool new NVMe tech but limiting it with a slow interface?
    I was excited until I read 10 gb/s. They know thunderbolt 3 exists right?

    • LegoGuy23

      Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 now, too!


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