TIE Fighter: Total Conversion Looks Gorgeous

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN TIE Fighter: Total Conversion Looks Gorgeous

If You Liked X-Wing Alliance Upgrade …

TIE Fighter stands out among Star Wars space sim games as having one of the more interesting single player campaigns to come out of the series.  That is not to knock X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter but memories don’t lie, right?  As we have seen with other games, such as the original Deus Ex, even the best stories and gameplay can be hard to enjoy if the graphics are painful to look at.  Thanks to a dedicated team of modders, you won’t have to worry about that if you want to check out TIE Fighter: Total Conversion.

This is more than just a port of the original game into the new XWA engine, the team enlarged the maps, added more ships to the fleet battles and even added in their own missions.  That brings the total count of missions up to 145 thanks to the inclusion of Defender of the Empire and Enemies of the Empire expansions in the mod.

You will need X-Wing Alliance to add the mod to, currently 65% off on Steam or ~$10 on GOGCheck out the full trailer at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN to see the new cockpits, battles and effects.

TIE Fighter: Total Conversion is a mod for Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, perfectly recreating one of the best space games and arguably best ever Star Wars game of all time, Star Wars: TIE Fighter. It once again has me plugging in my headset and dusting off my joystick.

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