What Makes An ASUS ProArt B550 Creator?

Source: Tweaktown What Makes An ASUS ProArt B550 Creator?

Thunderbolt 4 On An AMD Platform, For One

ASUS has a variety of Creator motherboards, but there is only one ProArt model at the moment, the ProArt B550 Creator.  You have a lot of choice when it comes to CPUs, you can pick a Ryzen from the 3000, 4000G or 5000 family to install and install up to 128GB of DDR4.  It sports two M.2 ports, a pair of the aforementioned TB4, four USB 3.2 Gen 2, and a pair of old USB 2.0 for connectivity.  It lacks WiFi but does have a pair of Intel 2.5GBe NICs and both HDMI and DisplayPort if you go with an APU.

Tweaktown’s testing shows this is a solid board, matching or beating the other B550s they have reviewed.  As it only has 12 phase power your overclocking experience will likely be limited, but it will keep even a high end Ryzen 5000 fed and stable.  The lack of WiFi might turn some off, for others the Thunderbolt and 2.5GBe ethernet will more than offset that,

Check it out in detail here.

ASUS offers solid competition to the AMD B550 motherboard market segment with the ProArt B550 Creator. Join us as we test it out.

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