A Couple Of First Looks At The Steam Deck

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN A Couple Of First Looks At The Steam Deck

The Steam Deck Life … Second Hand

There were a few sites who received a pre-release Steam Deck to try out, however neither Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN nor PCPer were on that list, at least for now.  However if you are curious about what other sites thought about the new new portable gaming device you can pop over to RPS to get the details, second hand as it were.

Giant Bomb did a side by side comparison of Hades on the Switch and the Steam Deck, which showed loading a game on the Steam Deck is incredibly easy and it also loads the game faster that the Switch did.  The battery life they experienced was not amazing, after a hour and a half of solid use there was a mere 30% charge left.  It seems that the 2 to 8 hour battery life quoted by Steam assumes fairly light usage on the Deck or perhaps that the battery in the preview model is not up to snuff; the former being more likely.

The news on the analog sticks was much better, they are described as being more like the sticks found on an XBox than those on the Switch’s joycon, which is a good thing.  Neither site had much to say about the trackpads, however the button positioning apparently plays better than it looks, but don’t just take our word for it, check out the links in this article to get a look at the Steam Deck in action.

One common commentary from just about everyone so far seems to be that the thing looks even bigger in person. Compared to the Switch, that is. It isn't terribly heavy though, coming in at 1.47 lbs (669 grams) compared to the 0.88 lbs (399g) of the original Switch.

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