Battlefield 2042’s Technical Preview Arrives August 12

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Battlefield 2042’s Technical Preview Arrives August 12

Get In On The Battlefield 2042 Beta, If Your Specs Are Up To It

In a little over a week the you can have a chance to beta test Battlefield 2042 as the technical preview will be available for those that apply and are approved on August 12th, running until the 16th.  It is not just for PC gamers either, Xbox and PlayStation owners also have the chance to apply for playtesting the new new iteration of Battlefield.

If you are looking to try to fire up the Battlefield 2042 beta on your PC, make sure you have at least a Core i7 4790 or Ryzen 3 1300X with 12GB of RAM, an RX 580 or GTX 1060 and 50GB of free space.  The minimum requirements are a bit lower but if you want to meet the recommended specs then those are your lower limits.

This is not the open beta which pre-ordering (which you didn’t do, right?) grants access to is still a while off, this is a chance to see the game even before that.  Sign up at EA Playtesting with your EA account, or else make one as you will need it when the game finally drops.  Currently that release is scheduled for October; we shall see if this technical preview changes that in a couple of weeks.

The game will release in three editions: Standard, Gold, and Ultimate, and all three provide players an opportunity to gain access to the game’s Open Beta when it gets announced. Only the Gold and Ultimate Editions grant players access to the full game one week before launch.

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