Hexgears Gemini Dusk, TKL And Open To Firmware Updates

Source: TechPowerUp Hexgears Gemini Dusk, TKL And Open To Firmware Updates

A Review From Dusk Til Dawn

The keyboard has come a long way from being an ill advised device to store crumbs and drinks in over the past few years, now different form factors, keycaps, switches and RGBs now being offered by companies and eagerly hunted for by consumers.  This has led to race for manufacturers to find new and interesting features to add to their products to convince buyers to chose their models.  Hexgears have come up with something for their Gemini Dusk and Dawn models, open source firmware and a GitHub repository to gather all the various customization customers have created.

Hexgears worked with Input Club to design the software which comes with the Gemini keyboards, as there is little point in offering users the ability to design and use their own custom firmware if the interface makes it difficult or unpleasant to do so.   The configurator they used will be familiar to anyone who has used or seen a review of the Kira keyboard from Kono, albeit it with some unique bugs which TechPowerUp were not impressed to see still being present at launch.

Physically both the Hexgears Dusk and Dawn keyboards are TKL boards with Kailh BOX Red, Brown, or White RGB switches, per key RGB control and PBT keycaps.  The Gemini Dusk comes with a black shell while the Dawn features a white shell, other than that the two Gemini models are twins.  Drop by TPU for a closer look, if you are keyboard curious.

Hexgears collaborated with enthusiast-minded Input Club to bring out the Gemini Dusk and Gemini Dawn twin keyboards. Today, we examine the former, which comes in black and uses a clean, industrial design paired with vibrant side lighting on top of per-key backlighting and open-source firmware compatibility!

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