Jonsplus Reveals Their i100 Pro Mini-ITX Case

Source: Kitguru Jonsplus Reveals Their i100 Pro Mini-ITX Case

It’s A Bit Large But Definitely Cool

Mini-ITX cases do not often allow you to install six 120mm fans, or four 140mm fans, or even up to a 360mm radiator, not unless it happens to be the Jonsplus i110 Pro apparently.  Measuring 322mm high, 435mm deep and 194mm wide (12.7×17.1×7.6″) the i110 Pro is almost big enough for a full ATX board, but the layout does preclude that.  It also offers you the choice to mount your GPU vertically or horizontally as you prefer, unless a large CPU heatsink makes that decision for you.

The case is made of aluminium and steel with tinted glass panels on both sides of the case, which does make it hard to hide your cables.   With the internal layout you may be able to squeeze in a compact ATX PSU, but you will have an easier time with an SFX PSU instead.  The cooling of the case is impressive, as you might expect from the number of fans that can be installed, something you will need to consider as Jonsplus doesn’t seem to have included any with the i110 Pro.

You can check out the performance charts, pictures and video review over at Kitguru.

The Jonsplus i100 Pro is a mini-ITX PC case that supports a 360mm radiator in the roof. In essence this chassis is a longer version of the Cooler Master MasterBox NR200P with an increased volume of 23 litres which makes it rather large. Is this a case worth buying, or is it just too much work?

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  1. Operandi

    Jonsbo appear to make some really high quality classy looking AL cases, very Lian Li’ish.

    I don’t know what they are like to work with but I’d like to try one at some point.


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