OnLogic Boosts The Performance Of Fanless Systems With Intel Elkhart Lake

Source: OnLogic OnLogic Boosts The Performance Of Fanless Systems With Intel Elkhart Lake

Are You A Fan Of Passively Cooled Systems?

OnLogic have just released two new passively cooled computers, the Helix 310 and Helix 330, with more in the Helix 300 family likely to arrive soon.  They use Intel’s Elkhart Lake processors, specifically the dual-Core Celeron N6211 and quad-Core Pentium J6425. The two systems use passive cooling and are able to function in environments from with ambient temperatures of 0°C to 50°C.   Connectivity includes, but is not limited to three USB 3.2 and three3 USB 2.0 ports, 2 COM ports, three DisplayPort and either one or two 1Gb LAN ports on the Helix 310, the Helix 330 has up to four 1Gb.

These are both low cost and low powered single threaded APUs, the Celeron N6211 runs at up to 3GHz with a TDP of 6.5 W and has a 10th Gen UHD Graphics with a burst frequency of 750 MHz which is capable of displaying 4K video at 60Hz.  The Pentium J6425 offers a bit more power, it’s four cores also peak at 3GHz but pulls 10W of power and the same generation of GPU but running at up to 850MHz and can also push 4K @ 60Hz.   Storage is handled by M.2 ports on both machines.

The Helix 300 family is set up to run either Windows or Linux Ubuntu and there are a variety of optional features you can add if you so desire, which you can see on OnLogic’s product page.


The OnLogic Helix 300 Series incorporates the latest Intel Celeron and Pentium CPUs, formerly known as "Elkhart Lake", in fanless devices built for reliability in challenging environments.

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