Podcast #639 – AMD Profit Soars, Intel Process Naming, Maingear VYBE review, PC Power rules + More!

Got a bit behind this past week, but better late then never!

AMD is doing great, Intel has good processes for building chips, and is now renaming them to be more competitive, there are new eco rules coming into play for power used by gaming PCs, be quiet! has a new cool cooler and we have the Maingear VYBE review. Good show this week, enjoy!

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Show Topics

00:00 Intro
02:17 Burger of the Week
06:12 AMD financials
19:05 Intel accelerates their process tech
27:30 New PC power rules limit sales to certain States
31:55 Ad Break: TextExpander
33:01 PlasticARM
37:29 Chernobylite
41:09 New top-flow be quiet! cooler announced
42:59 Lemonduck
46:20 MAINGEAR VYBE review (needs airflow)
52:47 Lexar’s Professional 1066x SDXC card (cheap, fast)
55:09 Picks of the Week
1:02:32 Outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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