Podcast #642 – Intel Architecture Day, Fractal Torrent and Corsair HS80 Reviews, Cores VS Cache + MORE!

Fun show this week after a week off.  Hang out with your tech friends for an hour or so.  The Fractal Torrent gets a good review, and so does the Corsair HS80 headset.  Nvidia Q2 results, and leaked i7 12th gen scores.  EVGA X570 DARK discussed, and Josh guest hosted another podcast too!  We also talk about the Cores VS Cache performance tradeoffs and of course Intel Architecture Day.

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Show Topics

00:00 Intro
04:04 Burger(s) of the Week
07:00 Intel Arch Day 2021 Highlights
23:27 Intel 12th Gen Geekbench Leaks Already?
27:33 Josh Breaks Down NVIDIA Q2 Financials
38:21 Ad Break: TextExpander
39:22 EVGA’s X570 DARK Motherboard Pictured
46:00 Gamescom 2021 – NVIDIA RTX Games
48:31 Josh Guest Stars on the Broken Silicon Podcast
52:47 Cores vs. Cache TechSpot Article
1:01:36 Ad Break: SimpliSafe
1:02:47 Fractal Torrent Review
1:11:53 Corsair HS80 Headset Review
1:20:28 Picks of the Week
1:31:21 Outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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