PNY Announces Performance 4800 MHz DDR5 Memory

Source: PNY PNY Announces Performance 4800 MHz DDR5 Memory

The DDR5 Era Begins at PNY

PNY is announcing their first DDR5 desktop memory today, with the company’s Performance DDR5 4800MHz Desktop Memory offering JEDEC standard speed with capacities starting at 16GB per DIMM.

Via PNY:

Next Generation Technology

PNY Performance DDR5 is designed to support the growing lineup of motherboards compatible with the new DDR5 memory standard. This advanced technology supports many new and exciting features that were limited or not supported in previous generations of PC memory. DDR5 supports higher density modules, up to four-times higher per module, and faster frequency speeds as standard. Compared to DDR4, which has a limited JEDEC standard speed of 3200 megahertz, DDR5 starts at 4800MHz. The PNY Performance memory will also start at 16GB per module and feature the JEDEC standard frequency of 4800 megahertz.

Loaded with Features

The DDR5 modules will operate at ultra-low 1.1 volts and feature on-die ECC support which increases efficiency. Existing DDR4 memory relies on the motherboard to handle voltage conversion, but DDR5 supports on-module conversion, resulting in lower voltage wear and less noise generation. Thanks to the on-module PMIC (Power Management IC), DDR5 also has higher amounts of headroom for overclocking support and voltage adjustments.

Growing Support

With the Intel Alder Lake CPU launching late 2021, Intel’s CPUs will be the first to support the DDR5 standard, but with growing support from other CPU manufactures, DDR5 will likely overtake DDR4 in popularity by 2023.

As to availability, PNY “expects the modules to enter mass production in the fourth quarter of 2021, with availability at Amazon, Best, and”

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  1. collie man

    Sheeeeet, I’m still on ddr3, my rig is getting OLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDD. Still clunking along but WAY over-due for an upgrade….. but not in this market


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