Take A Tour Of The New Cyrodiil In This Skyblivion Teasert

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Take A Tour Of The New Cyrodiil In This Skyblivion Teasert

The Map Is Not The Territory

The Skyblivion team, who are rebuilding Oblivion using the Skyrim engine, have made some changes to Cyrodiil.  They didn’t chose to make it smaller either!  They have expanded and enhanced the Fall Forest, modified the Gold Coast to make it more worth of the name and the city of Leyawiin has been rebuilt from scratch.

Along with vastly improved graphics and assets to refresh the game to make it more attractive to players both old and new they are endeavouring to make the world seem more lived in.  Leyawiin will now have shipping lanes and a much more obvious divide between the poor and rich sections of town.  Cliffs and gates are now more impassible, so you won’t be able to jump up them thanks to odd physics, though perhaps a horse will still allow you to get to odd places.

We are still a bit from launch, though the team suggests they are closer than they have ever been.  Check out their latest video to see how the project has progressed.  You will need both Skyrim and Oblivion to play them, if you don’t have them yet then keep an eye out for sales on Steam or your favourite platform.

You’re going to have to burn your cloth map if you want to return to Skyblivion’s Cyrodiil. The latest update on the The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion remake in Skyrim shows they’re not afraid to make huge changes to the world, building a bigger and bolder looking remake.

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