AMD Proposes A Way To Improve Quantum Computing With Teleportation

Source: Slashdot AMD Proposes A Way To Improve Quantum Computing With Teleportation

Can We Not Call It Multi-Single Instruction Multiple Data Please?

It is an amazing world where AMD can propose using quantum teleportation to allow a single qubit to process multiple out of order instructions in a calculation and the patent isn’t immediately dismissed as something out of a science fiction novel.  That is exactly what has happened, according to this story at Slashdot.

Quantum teleportation exists, but it describes the instantaneous transfer of information between two entangled qubits as opposed to enabling an entire object to move instantaneously from one location to another.  AMD intends to use this property to reduce the number of qubits required to perform an operation by switching from in order execution to out of order.  While almost impossible to explain simply, a qubit can interfere with another entangled qubit and be instantaneously relocated withing the quantum computer, ready to process a different instruction the moment it is free, instead of hanging around waiting for another instruction.

The goal of reducing the number of qubits required for a calculation is very important for the effectiveness of a quantum computer.  Increasing the number of qubits that are entangled does allow a quantum computer to handle more complex calculations but also increases the instability of the system and the likelihood of an incorrect answer being assigned a higher probability of being the right answer.  The ability to ‘reuse’ qubits in a single calculation would alleviate that probability without reducing the capabilities of the quantum computer.

It will be a while before we find out how effective this solution might be, for now it is just a very interesting idea from AMD.

AMD's patent also includes a look-ahead processor embedded into the architecture, tasked to analyze the input workload, predict what steps can be tackled in parallel (and those that can't), and appropriately distribute the workload across qubits, using a quantum teleporting technique to deliver them to the required quantum processing.

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