An AMD Behemoth System Still Needs To Look Pretty

Source: KitGuru An AMD Behemoth System Still Needs To Look Pretty

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty …

KitGuru have been working on their AMD Behemoth System for a while now, and have reached a point where they can start looking to modify the components and case to give the system a truly unique look.  There are links at the top of the article to the previous two posts if you are curious about why they made the component choices they did, or watch on for a look at making the system truly shine.

The video covers how to remove coloured anodising from aluminium, handy if you ever wanted to try to strip some of your own components down to the metal for a shiny look or in preparation for painting.  That is why KitGuru did it, for they wanted to paint as many components, heatsinks and such to match their red, black and silver theme.

From there they install some interesting cabling, smooth out the custom laser cut panelling and slap a coat or eight of paint on the chassis.  Sit back and live vicariously for a while.

Today, for part three of the project, we begin to customise the smaller parts of the system, show you how to remove stubborn anodising from aluminium parts, and also give our custom laser cut case panels a paint job and before installing them back into the chassis.

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