EVGA Launches the X570 DARK AMD Motherboard

Source: EVGA EVGA Launches the X570 DARK AMD Motherboard

It’s finally here: EVGA’s long-anticipated return to AMD motherboards for the first time since the socket 939 days, and it’s quite a board. It’s also quite expensive – but it makes more sense when you see how overbuilt it is. This is intended for the hardcore overclocking segment, though enthusiasts with $689.99 to spend might be tempted by the design, which looks like a prop from a Christopher Nolan Batman movie.

The EVGA X570 DARK brings the exclusive DARK experience to Team Red for the first time. This motherboard evolved through a comprehensive design overhaul to squeeze out the full performance of the legendary AMD Zen 3 processors. With a highly-efficient 17-phase digital VRM design, 10-layer PCB, and two built-in VRM fans, it’s no wonder that some tried to fool you with DARK imitations. Powered with unmatched multi-core performance and energy efficiency, the EVGA X570 DARK unshackles your PC with PCIe Gen4 support for the latest graphics cards and M.2 storage, lightning-fast 4800MHz+(OC) memory support, two Intel 2.5 Gbps NICs, Wi-Fi 6/BT 5.2, plus an abundance of SATA 6Gb/s ports and USB options. The search for the pinnacle of desktop PC performance is over: this is the way.

EVGA X570 DARK Motherboard Features

The EVGA product page is up (this is product number 121-VR-A579-KR), and as mentioned above this will require $689.99 United States dollars to purchase.

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  1. Operandi

    Does EVGA always launch with Dark editions of platforms? I mean its cool to see what the limits of a particular platform are but I would think boards like this typically serve as halo products for the brand. Where the crazy high-end model get the headlines and attention but ultimately draw customers to more practical models. Only in this case there are no practical models….

  2. BigTed

    No 10gbe at that price? That seems a bit tight…


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