Less Than A Month To Go And Windows 11 Isn’t Ready To Start

Source: The Register Less Than A Month To Go And Windows 11 Isn’t Ready To Start

October The 5th Is Not That Far Away

If you have been playing with Windows 11 you might have noticed the preview has been having some personality issues.  The online derision of the cosmetic changes and reliance on TPM 2.0 have garnered the most attention but unfortunately that is not the biggest issue with the new Microsoft OS.  Insiders have been gifted with some serious bugs and issues while they test out the pre-release versions of the OS, and the latest install is no exception.

There have been quite a number of reports about the newest Beta Channel version from users that found out “that Start and Taskbar were unresponsive and Settings and other areas of the OS wouldn’t load.”  Considering how important the Taskbar is to using Windows this is somewhat of an issue.  There are several workarounds, from a registry edit to installing third party Taskbar apps and a fixed version can be found as well.  Regardless, such problematic bugs appearing less than a month from launch is doing little to reassure those already leery of installing the new version of Windows.

The Register also noted something else of concern about Windows 11, as there were a number of people running the Dev or Beta on CPUs which are not on the official list of supported processors that are now unable to run Windows 11.  It seems that the hardware requirements are now being applied to the pre-release channels for both direct installs as well as virtual machines.  That is somewhat worrying considering that Microsoft has stated numerous times that the hardware requirements, such as TPM 2.0 would not apply to virtual machines.

There is not much time left for Microsoft to iron out these and other issues with their new OS, we will see how well they can manage that in the very near future.

Microsoft's efforts to shed as much glory as possible with its Windows 11 release have continued with the sudden breakage of the Start Menu and Taskbar for its happy band of Insiders.

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